One man’s treasure

Recently installed vintage entryway lighting has set a historic tone for the visitors entering the lower level portal to the Eikenbary-Pierce House.

Although the manager’s quarters was professionally rewired, until this week a lone light bulb remained the sole illumination along the South side of the House.

See the sequence of the fixture restoration in this slideshow.

Restoration engineers Mick Deviny and Henry Pierce were were lucky enough to find an old warehouse light from the Roaring Twenties at the boutique sawmill in Springdale, Washington, where they had milled lumber for House. 

Although the whole piece was in a state of disrepair, the reflecting portion of the light fixture was still of serviceable condition. Restoration engineer Mick Deviny used his tubing bender, a large crowbar, and some water pipe that had been salvaged from House to make conduit for the old fixture.


“Let there be light,” stated project consultant Bill Barany when he stopped by to inspect the work.

Recent visitors to the House revel in the warm light that now illuminates the passageway between the two historical houses. The vintage look of the light fixture illuminates the restoration project in another way, lending authenticity and imprinting the project with the intentions of the restorer.

If you’d like a tour of the Eikenbary-Pierce House, please text Henry at 509-218-2248 or email