The Platters. Roy Clark. Dolly Parton, Tom Jones. Buck Owens. Chet Atkins. Andy Williams. Ah, the turntables they’ve spun on!

Among the many vintage items we discovered in the archaeological dig that is the Eikenbary-Pierce House are dozens of vintage LPS, or vinyl albums.

And if vintage to you means the 1960’s and 1970’s, we’re talking pre-vintage here, like post-World War II, in some cases!

But one thing we’ve learned from going through this house is that “You Can’t Take It With You.” So we’re launching a contest we’re calling the “Lost Album Giveaway.”

From now until the albums are gone, we’ll giving away one album for every 10 new subscribers to our email list, starting with the Roy Clark album (photo). Current subscribers will be included in a special drawing.

To collect your album, you can either come to the historic house on Spokane’s South Hill, pick up your prize, and get a free renovation tour, or we’ll mail the album to you.

Little Free Library Charms Visitors to the Eikenbary-Pierce House

Virginia Maridel Carter surprised the crew by bringing and planting flowers to enhance the look of the Little Free Library. “This is the kind of outpouring of interest and generosity that fuels our enthusiasm and keeps us going,” said project director Henry A. Pierce III.


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Some visitors bring books, others borrow a book. Some stay to chat and learn more about the Craftsman home restoration, enjoy refreshments, or sign the guest book.