by Henry A. Pierce III

Restoration engineers Mick Deviny and Henry Pierce spent an enjoyable weekend installing copper gutters on the South side of the Eikenbary-Pierce House during the idyllic first few days of November. West- and North-side gutters were installed in 2019. After extensive research, Henry & Mick settled on Gutter Supply Inc. to source the South-side gutters.

Keeping the water from the zone between the adjoining property aids in the preservation of both properties,” Henry confirmed, “particularly for the south-facing aspect of the House, which stands about 10feet from the neighboring house.”

Facilitating the copper gutter installation was the Gutter Supply technician, who coached Henry on the phone during the final order as he chose additional hangers and soldering supplies. “Having all the right fittings and equipment on hand certainly makes the job go faster,” said Mick.

Mick and Henry were tickled when they suspected the copper “rain chain” that appeared at the job site was actually “re-gifted” from project supporter Julie King of Busy Bees Daycare in Spokane Valley. The engineers put it to good use and cherished the gesture. Thanks, Julie! The copper downspouts  that empty the rear of the roof plane reach the ground efficiently by means of the copper rain chain.

Visitors have been stopping by to comment on the rain being diverted via the attractive copper gutter system. Reactions like this are music to the ears of the hard-working restoration engineers. If you’ve observed the project or have questions, please comment on this blog post.

If you’d like a tour of the Eikenbary-Pierce House, please text Henry at 509-218-2248 or email