Project director Henry Pierce put the Porter Cable 4216 to use today. He attached a 12-inch deluxe dovetail jig combination kit to create joints for a display box for artifacts from the house, noting that the items “are best stored in boxes like this.”

Susan Freeman of Pioneer Memorial Gardens of Moses Lake donated the jig for the Eikenbary-Pierce House project.

“Dovetail joints are a classic, substantial way of building,” explained Henry. “It also gives more surface area for the glue to adhere and makes a longer-lasting joint. The wood scraps are surplus from the job, so we can avoid waste and create something beautiful at the same time.”

TIPS: For the perfect joint on the Porter Cable 4216, all edges need to be lined up flush at 90 degrees. Even a 1/32″ shift will diminish the end result, especially with plywood, since sanding can cause fraying. Solid hardwood or a dense-grained wood works best. Practicing with the half blind template helps perfect your technique; and keep in mind that any add-on template guides need to be compatible with the 4216.