by Henry A. Pierce III

This was a record year for snowfall in Spokane. The heavy snowfall of course slowed the restoration down at the Eikenbary-Pierce House. There was so much snow that it was hard to find parking spots near the project. Mick Deviny came down from Tower Mountain with his plow to clear the berms so the trucks and van could be parked on the street.

How much snow was there? There was so much snow that the Nest cams did not even pick up raccoon traffic at the project. I enjoy watching them root around and do their business at night on Nest cams but it appeared that the heavy snow kept them out of view of the cams.

The Little Free Library continued to have traffic, as we kept the snow away from the access door and the books kept going out and coming back in. 

Thankfully, snow is gone now and the pace of work at the Eikenbary-Pierce House is picking up again. We continue putting little pieces of wood on this historic building in the step-by-step process of making it complete again.

If you’d like a house tour, please text me at 509-218-2248 or email