Zack the Mason takes charge of chimney reconstruction

After a two days of work dismantling and restoring the century-old chimney, master Mason Zack Mischler poured the concrete cap on the chimney around the flue liners. All that remains are for Zack to remove the forms from the chimney, acid-wash cement residue off the roof, and finish any necessary cleanup.
 The project engineers were highly impressed with Zack’s work. In the photo on the left,  the master craftsman cut the flue liners to the appropriate length and placed them over the holes, making the form ready for a concrete pour at the end of the second day. The newly designated Coombs House makes a beautiful backdrop. 

The flat roof gutters made by Carlson Sheet Metal are now ready for installation after some welding to set in the plumbing connections. “Carlson is a versatile shop that can produce anything made of sheet metal,” said project engineer Henry A. Pierce III.